Company Principles

by Danielle M. Maxwell | Category TELEVISION aerials | Oct 16th, 2012


Moana Aerial & Satellite engineer can attend your home or business and carry out a FULL medical diagnosis of your analog or digital tv watching system. As soon as the fault has been found, we will endeavor to remedy your tv seeing system to get the maximum signal possible. We provide a Same Day Service where possible for all Aerial or Satellite TELEVISION Repairs!

Our totally geared up mobile vehicles have every tool and devices had to get your aerial or satellite system working once again. Must you need extra devices, such as a signal booster or an upgrade to your existing system to enhance reception levels, all which can be finished throughout the very same see!

Moana Aerial & Satellite engineers are trained to fix your existing aerial or satellite system and get your digital reception to optimal watching levels.

There is no tough sell, simply inform us what you want, we will inform you what you need and offer you a FREE quote. It's then approximately you! That's Satellite Broadband Internet made SIMPLE!